Badass Business Creators with Grace Covington

12  week 1:1 program using my 12 part framework: The Ultimate Badassery.  Moving you from barely making any money in your business to being irresistible, thriving and generating the income you desire.

Badass Business Creators

with Grace Covington

6 week group program using my 6 part

framework: The Ultimate Badassery. Moving

you from barely making any money in your business to being irresistible, thriving and

generating the income you desire.

Badass Business Creators with Grace Covington

12 week 1:1 program using my 12 part framework: The Ultimate Badassery. Moving you from barely making any money in your business to being irresistible, thriving and generating the income you desire.

What if I told you ...

That generating consistent clients with ease is possible when you have badass systems in place that will have your clients lining up to sign up for your offers?


That in just 12 weeks you could be on the path to creating your desired income, no longer scratching your head wondering where you are going to find the clients to sign up for your offers?


Imagine If...

Your product suite is dripping with what your clients are asking for. You know exactly what products to create each month and your clients are ready to buy.

You’re creating your business with one of the most powerful energies - the energy of being irresistible. You and your offers are irresistible to your ideal clients.

Your desired monthly income is showing up with ease. You are using a proven step by step high vibe strategy you can repeat each month that attracts clients who are ready to work with you.

Tell me if this sounds like you...


You’ve done the reels, done the tik tok's, you're taking part in all the chats on clubhouse, you have a Facebook group and wondering why you're still not attracting all the clients and generating all the income you desire.


You know your products and services make a difference in the lives of your ideal clients but you don't know why many people are not taking action or signing up.


You’re drained from your existing product suite; you feel that you are constantly doubting if what you have to offer is of value because you are barely making any money from all the effort you put in.


You’ve heard about the energetics of creation, energetic marketing, being irresistible, but you don’t know how to create with these energies in your business.

That’s why I created Badass Business Creators. The step by step program that moves your business from just existing to thriving.

Hi! I’m Grace Covington.

I facilitate entrepreneurs and coaches to align themselves with the energetics of creation and use an effective high vibe strategy to create a thriving and sustainable business online.


I’ve helped entrepreneurs go from zero to thriving using a high vibe strategy.


When I first started in business I failed miserably for years.


I was depleted! I was desperate for clients, and I started doubting the value of my offers.


I was using all the strategy I was told would work and nothing was working.


Two things that changed my business: creating with the energetics of creation and using high vibe strategy.


When I aligned these two badass tools, my business went from zero clients to thriving.

Badass Business Creators

Is a step by step proven system that allows you to create with the energetics of creation, paired with badass systems, that will have you showing up authentically & powerfully.


Here’s what you get with Badass Business Creators 12 week One on One Coaching

  • 12 Training modules filled with actionable steps to master the art of being irresistible & generating consistent clients with ease

    ($3500 value)

  • Unlimited voxer access to nurture, motivate and inspire

    ($3000 value)

Here’s what you’ll learn

Module 1: The Magic of Being Irresistible

Module 2: Activate & Align

Tap into the gold mine of the GIFT of YOU and gain access to what you are here to create that will allow you to generate wealth with ease.

Module 3: High Vibe Strategy Part 1

Module 4: Advanced High Vibe Strategy Part 2

Module 5: The Dominatrix of Business

Module 6: Strategic Email Systems

Module 7: Sensual CEO

Module 8: Profit Centers

Module 9: Profit Centers Part 2

Module 10: Elegance of Having Money

Module 11: Business and Pleasure

Module 12: Visibility

What's Your Investment?


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our most common questions

Do I get lifetime access to this course?

What if I don’t have a business? Can I still join?

Are payment plans available?

Generous payment plans are available. Signing up to the waitlist ensures you are receiving $200.00 off the course and can still utilize a payment plan option.

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How do I access the bonuses for joining the waitlist?

By joining the waitlist, you will receive $200.00 off the full course. You get access to the bonuses right away when you join the waitlist.

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